Friday, July 9, 2010


So since this is the only holiday I celebrate I like to do it right. Fortunately I have some very good friends who wanted to party just as hard this year and we made it a Fourth of July weekend to never be forgotten. Maybe they'll make a movie out of it years down the line. Called The Sandlot 4. Lets get to it. This is a brief list of everything we did to show our love for America. And I love America way way better than you do so listen up.

-6AM hike up to the Alien Slabs in Provo
-Back Deck BBQ
-Open Air movie with all the gang
-Back Deck camping under the stars... and blankets.
-Early morning free French(American) Toast breakfast at Maceys
-All American Kickball game
-Swimming and picnic lunch
-Center street Freedom Festival (Funnel Cakes)
-Cafe Rio (though Mexican food is Mexican, we stole it. American)
-Stadium of Fire
-Four Fighter Jet Fly By! So so so so so awesome
-Catch Phrase while Carrie Underwood tried to put everyone to sleep
-Block Party on Canyon Ave
-Home. Sleep.
-Break the Fast, BBQ, Sandwiches, Soccer, Friends, Ellie May
-RISK! (for 8 or 9 hours)
-Up early for the Parade (and crepes. the only unamerican thing about the weekend.)
-Freedom Festival for some Karaoke
-El Gallo Giro! (Cynthia I love you)
-Then down south to the Mona Rope Swing (Amanda owned it!)
-Hawaiian Ice Shavies (I think Hannah is still there....)
-FHE watching Independence Day on the Back Deck. Perfect.

... and that, my friends, is how you celebrate Fourth of July. And we still have some poppers and Sparklers left over. AmericaEffYeah!

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